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Are you attending a hearing?

If you have been invited to a hearing of the Guardianship and Administration Board, you may be unsure of what will happen.

This short video will show you what you can expect at the hearing and is designed to help you prepare for your hearing. It features a fictional story of "Ralph" whose case manager has applied for the appointment of a guardian and an administrator for him.  You will see Ralph prepare for and attend a hearing of the Board.

The video explains the processes of the Board and provides you with a guide to how your hearing might proceed.  There is one video in two formats.  The first is without subtitles.  The second has subtitles.  All hearings are slightly different, so if you have any questions about your hearing, after watching this video, please contact the Board's Case Assessment Officers on 1300 799 625 or (03) 6165 7500 for interstate callers.

The Guardianship and Administration Board would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Law Foundation of Tasmania in funding the development of this video.

Duration: 14 minutes
Produced by Digital Suite Pty Ltd in association with the Guardianship and Administration Board. Copyright 2011

1. Before a GAB hearing (2:43)

Please note - the Guardianship and Administration Board is now located at Level 2, 144 Macquarie St, Hobart NOT 54 Victoria St.

2. During a GAB hearing (1:58)

3. After a GAB hearing (1:22)

If you have any difficulties viewing these videos, please contact the Guardianship and Administration Board.