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15 October 2021 - Impact of COVID -19 lockdown on Guardianship and Administration Board

All hearings will progress as scheduled. Attendance in person at the Tribunal’s hearing room at 38 Barrack Street in Hobart will not be possible. All parties will need to attend hearings by telephone or videoconference. Please contact the Board Registry to advise how you will be attending.

Checking in at the Tribunal Centre

The Tribunal Centre at 38 Barrack Street, Hobart has now implemented a QR Code check-in system for contact tracing of visitors to the premises.

The Tribunals would prefer that visitors to the premises download the Check in Tas application to register their visit.

Information regarding the app can be found here including frequently asked questions and how to download the application.

Recent decisions in relation to COVID-19

OH (Request for Emergency Guardianship Order) [2021] TASGAB 15

ER (Consent to Medical Treatment) [2021] TASGAB 17 (PDF, 163.2 KB)


The Guardianship and Administration Board has moved to new premises.

The Guardianship and Administration Board is now located at 38 Barrack Street, Hobart.

This map shows our new location and the red arrow in the photograph points to the entrance to our new premises.

New location

Our phone number, postal address, and email address have not changed.

If you have any questions about how our change of premises will affect you, please contact us on (03) 6165 7500 or by email at guardianship.board@justice.tas.gov.au



The Guardianship and Administration Board continues to monitor Commonwealth and State Government, and Public Health advice relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19). In light of current advice from the Tasmanian Government, and the easing of restrictions in Tasmania, the Board has commence a staged return to limited in-person hearings for new substantive applications.

Due to the limitation on the number of persons who can attend at hearing, preference will be given to the attendance of the applicant and the proposed represented person and the proposed represented person’s representative.

All persons attending hearings will be required to comply with all COVID-19 safety measures implemented at the hearing location. Persons must not enter the Board’s premises if they are unwell, have returned from overseas within the past 14 days, been advised to self-isolate or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19.

Advice regarding whether a hearing will be in person or by telephone will be contained in the hearing notice.

The Board Registry has returned to its normal opening hours of 8:45am – 5:00pm. Personal attendance at the Board Registry is no longer limited, but any persons attending the Registry must comply with all signage and COVID-19 safety requirements.

Our Vision

To respect the rights of people with disabilities to make their own decisions wherever possible, and when it is not possible, to ensure that processes that we employ are accessible, impartial, expeditious, highly competent and result in just decisions by the Board.

Our Mission

The Board will:

  • operate in accordance with the law and in a manner sensitive to the needs of its users
  • make decisions that reflect the rights and interests of people with decision-making disabilities, their families and carers, and the Tasmanian community
  • be an efficient, effective and highly skilled independent tribunal