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Application forms

We strongly recommend that you call the Board’s office (Ph: 03 6165 7500 or 1300 799 625) to speak to a member of staff before completing an application form.


In most cases, a Health Care Professional Report must accompany an application.  A detailed medico-legal opinion might also be acceptable if it addresses the issues of the mental capacity of the person about whom you are applying.  Please note, except in emergency applications, the Board will not start processing your application until a completed Health Care Professional Report or a detailed medico-legal opinion is received.


The Board produces standard Health Care Professional Report (HCPR) forms.  Some HCPR forms have been developed for specific applications.  The table below provides links to the application forms and the HCPR form that is relevant to that application.


The forms listed here are available in PDF format only. You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to open these files. Free copies of Acrobat are available on the web - see Download Acrobat Reader. If you would like us to send you a copy instead, please send an email to guardianship@justice.tas.gov.au or telephone (03) 6165 7500 or 1300 799 625.



Number Application title Application Form and Medical Report Form
1 Administration

Form 1 (Administration)

Health Care Professional Report - A (General)

Administration Fact Sheet

2 Guardianship

Form 2 (Guardianship)

Health Care Professional Report - A (General)

Guardianship Fact Sheet

3 Emergency (must be submitted by 3pm each day)

Form 3 (Emergency)

What is an Emergency?

Health Care Professional Report not required unless advised

Practice Direction


4 Guardianship & Administration

Form 4 (Guardianship & Administration)

Health Care Professional Report  - A (General) 

5 Review Enduring Power of Attorney

Form 5 (Review Enduring Power Attorney)

Health Care Professional Report - C (Review EPA)

Review Enduring Powers Fact Sheet

6 Review Enduring Guardianship

Form 6 (Review Enduring Guardianship)

Health Care Professional Report  - B (Review EG)

Review Enduring Guardianship Fact Sheet

7 Medical Consent (application by a Medical Practitioner)

Form 7 (Consent Medical by a Medical Practitioner)

Health Care Professional Report not required

Responsibilities of a Medical Practitioner

Medical Consent by a Medical Practitioner Fact Sheet

8 Medical Consent

Form 8 (Consent Medical)

Health Care Professional Report - F (Consent Medical)

Medical Consent Fact Sheet

9 Sterilisation

Form 9 (Sterilisation)

Health Care Professional Report - F (Consent Medical)

10 Restrictive Intervention

Form 10 (Restrictive Intervention)

Health Care Professional Report  - A (General)

Standard Request in Restrictive Intervention Application

Restrictive Intervention Fact Sheet

11 Review Restrictive Intervention

Form 11 (Review Restrictive Intervention)

Health Care Professional Report - A (General)

12 Advice and Direction

Form 12 (Advice and Direction)

Health Care Professional Report not required unless advised

13 Gifts and Settlements

Form 13 (Gifts and Settlements)

Health Care Professional Report not required unless advised

14 Statutory Will

Form 14 (Statutory Will)

Health Care Professional Report - E (Statutory Will)

Statutory Will Fact Sheet

15 Review of Order

Form 15 (Review of Order)

Health Care Professional Report - A (General) 


Guidelines for Applicants



Number Enduring Guardianship

Enduring Guardian Form

Registration Summary Form for Service Tasmania submission


Enduring Guardian Infosheet

PDF documents require a PDF reader to be viewed. Please read more on free PDF readers.

Alternatively, please contact us if you require assistance obtaining a copy of the document or would like to request it in a different format.